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swoozie64 posted:
Hi everyone,i went to a RA doctor a couple of years ago didn't
believe that i had RA he put me on Methotrexate and folic acid.
took them made me sick never went back to him stop taking the forward to today cant handle the pain saw a new doctor he put me on the same meds except for adding prednsone. Is this pretty much how everyone starts off
with? And whats up theses Doctors when i asked what type of RA i have they just say i have RA isn't there all sorts of types of RA? any info would be great...
1tolove responded:
My mom has RA and yes there are different degree of RA. Sorry I'm like you don't know to much about RA so I cant tell you the different degrees of RA. Also my moms RA started out like everyone else....the doc sending you home with pain meds until your been back like a million times then and only then they say it's RA. Then your on your journey to find out what works for you. Like I tell my mom ask lots of questions and get second opinions. Most of all keep your stress down.

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