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Newly diagnosed and alone....
Elizabeth4all posted:
I was recently diagnosed with RA. I kinda thought that would be half the battle, but I was wrong. Not only does the medication cause horrible side effects but I realize people get really tired of hearing that you're not up to doing anything or going anywhere. You are eventually not even called or invited along anymore. How do you deal with this?
zoldsoul responded:
Elizabeth. You are not alone. I am here and I'd be glad to talk with you personally. I've had "Polyarticular Systemic JRA" since 1972 at the age of six. Unfortunately disease, sickness, financial hardships are one quick way to find out who your "true" friends are. Not saying these people aren't "true" but possibly not your strongest of allys. Please do not expect even your loved ones to entirely understand or relate to something they've never experienced fully. Please do not take it personally. It isn't. Nor do they think your making it up. Set em straight. Tell em like it is. "This isn't like old age. Your own body is eating itself up as you speak and it hurts like an SOB and time you people get it! It's hella painful." Thinks that how my recent comment to my Mother went as she asked me to fly five hours to visit. Geez drinking and eating hurt! Seems the majority of society think it's just an "old people disease" in which you get a little slower moving. They are unable to grasp the extreme pain, possible joint destruction and what that may feel like. But I do!! Please email me if interested @ . God Bless and keep the faith my friend! I'm still mobile. What fails the docs can fix!

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