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living with rheumatory arthitis
melissahenderson21 posted:
I was diagonoised with RA 8 years ago, my father suffered with it has well for almost 20 years. He had a knee replacement done due to the RA but got a staff infection from surgery. After several attempts to stop the infection he ended up having both of his legs amputated on 7 times. he finially said enough and passed away 3 months later. but my father also had a heart condition. thru it all he would never let us see his pain and as I was raised the same way I don't allow others to see mine, but I know what he felt. I thank god for my wonderful rheumatologist (Dr. Lela Sarapalli) she is the best. I have been thru methotrex, Enbrel,humaria,arvara, and orencia. We are now looking at going to an iv treatment once a month because my medicine only works for about a little over a year. But I work in a automotive plant and stay on my feet about 9 hours a nite and exercise every day which I believe the more I keep my joints moving the better. I want my pop to look down on me and know im going to do my best to keep moving

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Fighting RA
I see all the postings about using Prednosone. I just want to say be careful as this drug will raise your blood sugars expenatially. More
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