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bubba1988 posted:
ok so like i have an auto immune disorder called wagners i am taking the less wounderfull drug methotrexate i am taking the 2.5 mg tablets i take 6 tablets every 7 days now i also take the folic acid 1 mg tablet prednisone 20 mg tablet now i know the prednisone cant be the cause cause i have been taking it for three years so i have to ask i dont have any side affects except i have a rash inbetween my legs on both my legs up near the private area under both my arms on my both arms on my stomach and now creaping up my back i read the side affects of the methotrexate and it says rash itching which it itches like hell i have itched it so much it have made open sores on me oh and its right under my stomach too and on my private area i need help and bad would it be best to switch to the injuction cause i dont know if this problem will go away cause for one it itches way to much and i am doing nothing but hurting myself by itching it so any and every suggestion is welcome please help

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