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RA and Tooth Loss
Anon_178185 posted:
I have been on methodrexate for about 4 years now. It has worked wonders for me in regards to now being able to walk again without pain, although the hands are currently the most affected areas of my body. BUT that is not why I'm writing this post...I, too, am totally distressed with the loss of teeth. I'm in the process of having at least three teeth removed and having a partial plate made, especially since one affected is a front tooth. There is bone loss and I have been treated for periodontal disease, and yes these are all dental problems and in the grand scope of our diagnosis, teeth problems can be a beginning signal of this type of problem, but I truly believe that the mexth has been the final blow. I realize I have no other options, or I am coming to the realization that I have no other options. I like smiling and have had good looking teeth until a few months ago, when the bone loss caused that front tooth to descend and separate from my front teeth. I'm trying so hard to adjust to this...I do so hope that you find a resolution for your tooth loss. I wish I had a "tooth fairy" to guide me.
silviaarroyo responded:
I too have lose teeth and its also the two front ones. I only took methodrexate for a year. I've had RA for 7 years and I'm so sad about my teeth too, I love to laugh and smile and now I'm afraid to. All this time I thought it was just me. Never did I think once that its part of RA.. And I have new symptoms... There's no ending to this disorder. Well you're not the only one wishing for a tooth fairy.

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