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Diet changes for RA and YES, it has worked for me, but YES its hard...
fee_b posted:
I have only had RA for a year, strangely enough it was a year after i moved from Australia to live and work in Bali- Indonesia. As a result my diet changed.

My ankles, knees, elbows, jaw, wrists, fingers & toes all became swollen and sore. my energy was at an all time low, my eyes were bloodshot and yellow & my mood was sad and depressed. i had no idea at 25 this would happen to me in the prime time of my life! i was angry and wanted a FAST solution.

flew to singapore with my partner, he actually carried me through the airport (as i could hardly walk) we went to a hospital got a few blood tests and BOOM ..... RA entered my life forever. Prednisone was great in the begining until i began to get serious side effects, swollen face, hairloss, serious depression, blood in my pee & stools, weight gain & many more. So i looked for natural options:

read: the paddison program for RA

basically after day 15 i was feeling great and totally off my medications... you basically cut out dairy, breads, sugars, meats, processed foods and generally eat green veges/ green juices of celery & cucumber... it really cleans you out! flushed the drugs out of my system so much that all my pred side effects went away! had natural energy that i had fogotton i used to have!

BUT, honestly three weeks in... i missed my coffee, cheese, wine! (dont judge me...) but i did! i craved food... REAL food!! i began to get depressed, i would watch my friends and partner eat delicious things and it would kill me inside. was living in denial of having RA and every secret 'chocolate' or 'burger' i ate... sure enough along came the pain!

so after on again -off again (addict type realizations) and crying to my parter who hated to see me so sick in bed with what he calls 'knee pads' (swollen knees for those of you not following)

decided it was time. time to be strict, the paddison program has a recipe book, and scientic info written by a guy who had RA! (which for me was why i really wanted to try it) it was written by someone who UNDERSTANDS US!

im not trying to sell a thing, just... google it. IF your sick of the drugs, the pills, the side effects. many people are happy to stay on the medications and i think if i had not had such harsh side effects i would stay on the pills too, but for me, being a 26 year old woman now. i wanted to keep my body healthy as im planning to try for a baby soon and after every doctor wanted to put me on methotrixate, i was scared and searched for other options. i was also worried about the long term side effects and i didnt want to be reliant on these drugs for my entire life ahead!

the truth is there are 101 different diets out there.... (i feel like i tryed half of them) and i guess everyone reacts to certain things differently. BUT even if you dont try the diet, just READ the book! there is not enough info on RA & more importantly TREATMENTS.

please share with me any info, treatments, feedback or what you think of the book... i just wanted to share a little of my last two years with you.

best of luck. we need to remember to stay possitive. Depression and RA should be talked about.

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