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Cured by vegan diet
HelenTS posted:
I would like to use the word 'cured', because I haven't had a flare up for over a year, with no medication. Not only no flare up, but no morning stiffness either. I had stiffness and tiredness years before I got red and inflamed finger joints. Now I am also full of energy. Feels like I was 30 years ago. Amazing how eating proper food can change a person so much. My last medical checkup also showed perfect cholestoral numbers, blood pressure, etc.

After the RA diagnosis, I tried cutting refined sugar and bread. Didn't work. Cutting caffeine seemed to help the symtoms a bit, but pain persisted. My background is biomedical engineering, and so I read quite a few scientific papers.

Meat and dairy turned out to be really bad for us, especially these days when they are pumped full of antibiotics and chemicals, and that the animals are sick and barely kept alive. The factory farming these days are just really cruel. So you would be doing the animals a big favor too.

I suggest that you watch Forks Over Knifes as a start, which provides scientific evidence in a easy-to-understand and personal way. It gives evidence of how meat and dairy causes cancer, heart disease, all kinds of autoimmune disease, etc. I wish I knew all these before. The scientific evidence has been around for a while, but apparently suppressed by meat and dairy industry.

But please be aware that you can't just cut off meat and dairy and eat potatoes and donuts You need nutrients, ie, eat a good variety of plants and grains and nuts. Plants actually provide very high quality proteins and all kinds of nutrients. Anyways, the documentary Forks Over Knifes will give you good pointers. Vegan diet is good for your whole family too. Give them a good start in health. Why wait for illness to do this?

After a couple of months of sticking to the vegan diet, you will feel better, and can stretch and do more exercise. I suggest that you do that, but without straining the joints too much. Also, stay positive. I hope this will work for all of you. All my best wishes to you!
catuscandy responded:
This is good news as I am considering a vegan diet. I'm curious to know what your lab test shows on your ccp check. Do you know what your level is?

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