New Ra patient
Merret posted:
Hi. I have been reading all your helpful comments. As a new patient it is nice to know thet I am not alone in my struggle with r.a. Was told 3 months ago that my r.a. Was severe with osteoarthritis mixed in. Mtx is helping some but just had to have it increased because the pain. Frolic acid does help with the side affects also Prevacid on the stomach issues. Being tired all the time is a pain. If anyone has a helpful solution I would love to hear it. Finally my mom(an angel for five years) & god help a lot. If anyone wants to talk I have a good ear. ( also dealing with an alcoholic son - 31 year old). Thank you for listening. Have a good day!
fordownr responded:
@ Merret, You have your hands full. I was diagnosed in 2000 after having this dang disease ruin our 30 anniversary cruise. Don't be shy with your Dr. Metho is only one tool in the toolbox. I couldn't stay on it, I'd lose the day after taking it due to a total drain on my system.
I also have severe fatigue, I guess being retired military ingrained pushing through it but it's not easy. They used to call me "Ricochet" because i was always bouncing from one thing to another. Not anymore. Hard to get motivated just to do the "have to do" stuff.
The wife and my PCM suggested counseling (been going for 3 months now) but I'm not sold yet.
I'm probably going to tell you what you've already figured out, but.... You are going to have to get ruthless about prioritizing what you have to do. Also you are going to have to ask for help when you need it (I'm really bad at that, then I overdo it and pay for it for a few days after) I keep a list on a white board with different colors and markings for what I HAVE to do, WANT to do, and NEED HELP with. Works OK when I follow it.
Read a bunch of stuff on the chronic fatigue that goes along with this beast (RA). Look at it like a jar under a dripping faucet. The water is your energy, it empties really fast but takes a long time to refill. So you have to figure out what and how much to use far a given task. I know it sounds good, but it's really hard to do in practice...
OK, Long enough. I'm sure we'll cross paths again Keep fighting!