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help i have sever swelling in feet due to RA
paydity posted:
I am wondering if its okay to still walk on your feet when they are so swollen. i have been out of work for 3 years and started working a month and a half ago and ever since my feet have been super swollen. I make them fit into my shoes cause i have to work. but it hurts and they barley fit. I cant wear flip flops or sandals because my toes hurt and are so stiff. your toes have to grasp the sandals to walk. so what i am wondering is even though it hurts should i go a head and just suck it up and walk anyways. i don't know what else to do. but if im injuring my self more doing this then i need to stop. I hope someone can help me answer this question. thanks.
fordownr responded:
I'd have your doctor get an ultrasound of the veins/arteries in your feet to see if you have veinious insufficiency (as I do in my right foot) Pressure stockings(socks) seem to be in order (to keep the swelling down). I've been in 30-50 MM Hg socks for quite a few years now and it keeps the swelling manageable. They're not cheap ($60-$100 a pair) There's a place out of MI that I've been using (For Your Legs) they will price beat (10%) any valid offer and have really fast turnaround. Best of luck to you

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