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prednisone and flares
pbuckmom posted:
Hello. I am 41 years old and was diagnosed with RA in the summer of 2009. I have only been taking Plaquenil since diagnosis. Plus 500MG naproxen during flares. A few times I've taken Prednisone for a more severe flare. 2x when I've taken it helps the bad joint (currently it was left knee!) but now my right foot is killing me and the Prednisone hasn't seemed to help that joint at all. Anyone have any idea about this or has it happened to you. Taking some Tylenol to help manage pain but cannot remember if I can only take. 3000mg a day or if it's 4000mg a day.

volusiagirl responded:
You never know where its going to hit next. I've been diagnosed since 2001 and now have 4 fused lumbar vertebra and both knees replaced. I had plantar faciitis twice and had to have orthopaedic inserts for my shoes... etc. I hate to be pessimistic about it, but RA is a horrible disease that people in general don't know anything about.
Be real careful taking Tylenol in large doses for long periods of time or you will be taking all kinds of stomach pills to avoid ulcers ! I took naproxen too and really liked it better than Tylenol for pain, but after having both knees replaced, I threw 7 blood clots to my lungs and have had to take Warfain ever since, so the Dr doesn't want me taking naproxen ! I take generic Tylenol or nothing. Tried Humeria for a couple of years and it was REALLY good, but I'm afraid of the side effects of those biologicals. Not to mention that the drug companies PAID off other companies NOT to make a generic of it when their patent ran out in Jan. 2012 -- so now that I have retired on disability and have medicare, they won't even TALK to me at ABBOTT Pharmaceuticals ! Even if medicare pays 80%, I'd still have to pay over $400 a month for TWO syringes !! I give up

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