mouth ulcers with Methotrexate and Actemra
chboal posted:
I am on 5mg of folic acid and continue to get very painful mouth ulcers after using the injectable form of methotrexate for 2-3 wks. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? I am also on Actemra and it has been 2-3 mo and I feel maybe 20% better but not much. Anyone else have experience with Actemra? Thanks
allie_bf responded:
You're on a pretty good amount of folic acid so I'd be less inclined to "blame" the methotrexate (which doesn't usually take full effect that quickly) and more inclined to consider the Actemra. Be sure to let your rheumatologist know about the mouth ulcers, and see what he/she thinks.
mike201 responded:
Hi There
Actemra is a very complex drug. I am on my 13th month and yes I did have strange ulcers which have now passed after about three months. I am about 50% better with the drug which is wonderful. I also take MTX and other drugs. If your weight is around 70 kilos, your MTX dose is higher than 0.3 injectable then you are probably on a low does re Folate. Better check with your doctor. Try and exercise as much as possible and perhaps consider a diet change .. Bye