depression with RA
chboal posted:
I am REALLY struggling with depression associated with this disease. I think the main issue is the chronic pain which leads to the depression. I am taking cymbalta and I think it helps but when the pain is really severe for days and days and days my depression becomes overwhelming. Anyone have advice? Thanks
pharmageddon responded:
RA is curable and the depression is caused by the same problem that causes the RA because the body is all one unit not separate parts like doctors treat. Colon healing with bentonite,probiotics and drug avoidance can cure your RA.Heal the colon and cure the RA and depression.
ddemars responded:
are you on any pain meds like hydrocodone? and maybe get some antidepressant . talk to your dr. about all this. you should
be taking different meds maybe. good luck.
mike201 responded:
Dear Chboal,
Rheumatoid disease, especially if you are severe, is difficult to handle. There is a direct link between poor sleep - pain - depression. You must address pain adequately with the right combination of drugs. If you are medium to severe forget herbs and spices and go see your doctor and ask for proper sleep and pain management. I did not really sleep for three months, had terrible pain and wondered why I was so depressed!!!!! Things are s much better now, two yards later, but I still address the pain every day. Some other points: eat a low inflammatory diet, get a little exercise every day, always seek distraction just don't sit at home crying. Better to cry with a friend. I found meditation very, very useful. You probably have to address pain and depression for the long haul. All the very best from Australia.