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Experts please advice RA or some thing else
vinonline posted:
Dear Experts

Please share your advice, I am 33 years old male.

On 16/10/2013, i developed rashes in my body and subsided in 4 or 5 days.

On 23/10/2013, i developed high fever and lasted for 3 days and subsided
with tired for another 2 days

On 28/10/2013, i developed joint pain on leg ankles (both) and now its more
than a month, but till pain is there and i am suffering.Please advice whether this is chikungunya Joint Pain ???

Then i started NSAIDs for 3 weeks, but it caused side effect, so i stopped NSAIDs, so Pain has come back. I have done the Anti nuclear blood test, but it came negative. So doctor said no arthritis, they have no clue why pain is there, and requested me to manage the pain and it will subside on its own.

So could you please advice the ankle joint pain is because of ARTHRITIS (may be preliminary) or Due to chikungunya joint pain. As i am worried to find solution.

Earlier i had joint pain in my left leg ankle and it was cured and then it moved to right leg ankle and it was recovered and noe it moved to right hand wrist.

How joint pain is moving from one joint to another. Please advice
informer responded:
The symptoms you describe can be associated with hypothyroidism. Do some research; read the book by Dr. Mark Starr. Most physicians don't know much about hypothyroidism -- not even the edocrinologists. If they want to prescribe a thyroid hormone supplement, don't accept anything except Armour Thyroid. It is the only complete thyroid supplement that will take care of all the symptoms. The synthectic T4 supplements only seem to help for about six months, and never cure all of the symptoms.

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