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marissa64 posted:
Hello to all that have this terrible disease. I have a question, I'm new to this so bear with me.
I have had RA for approx 8 years. I'm looking for something to help me while in a "flare up" I cannot move my ring finger on my left hand, if I try, it feels like I am ripping the tendon out very painful. Can anyone help me with OTC products? Creams etc? Has to be strong tho!!!!

Thank you
pharmageddon responded:
There is documented proof that this disease is caused by leaky gut syndrome. The mainstream medicine insists this is incurable because there is much money being made on the suffering of others. What better racket is is there than to be begging for anything to stop the pain at any price. RA is caused by leaky gut, cure the leaky gut and you cure the disease, not easy, not quick but it can and does happen.
marissa64 replied to pharmageddon's response:
Thank you for your response !! I'm going to look up "leaky gut" and gather some information.

Thanks Again!!

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