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    RA yes or no?
    sparklybutterfly posted:
    I have been having severe pain in both my thumbs (knuckles and joint area) as well as both feet for about 3 months now. Some days I can barely walk or move my thumbs. My thumbs often "lock up" and it takes hours or more to get to where I can actually move them. No matter what I do or painkillers I take, the pain in both my hands and feet never truly goes away. I was tested for RA and because my results came back normal, all my Dr had to say was "come back in 3 months." But I am in so much pain all day every day, I am very tired all the time, I run low-grade fevers usually every day, and I am becoming depressed due to all of this. Shouldn't my Dr have ordered additional tests, X-rays or SOMETHING? My RA Latex Turbi is 6.3, Sed Rate is 9. I understand they are in the normal range, but then why all my pain and other symptoms? I feel abandoned by my dr and so let down. Where to go from here? I'm going to seek a second opinion, but I'm actually not even sure where to go, or what it is I might have!
    sparklybutterfly responded:
    I guess I should also mention I am a 44 yo female. My symptoms came on out of the blue and the pain worsened quite quickly. All signs point to RA, even the ER Dr who ordered my lab work felt sure I had that or fibromyalgia but was leaning toward RA. I am very confused at how to proceed and feeling like everyone thinks I'm making up my pain/symptoms since there is as yet, no clear medical evidence to say I have ANY problem at all. SIGH
    An_254980 responded:
    That's how my rheumatoid arthritis started out! See a Rheumatologist as soon as you can and take blood tests to see if it's what you have. It took multiple blood tests to finally get diagnosed....
    sparklybutterfly replied to An_254980's response:
    thank you, i appreciate your response. so even with my numbers being "normal" a rheumatologist would still be able to determine if i have RA or not? i'm feeling very discouraged at the moment.
    crystalscats replied to sparklybutterfly's response:
    Yes a Rhuematologist will base on several things. Not everyone's blood work is the same with it. If you are just starting it may not show up as of yet. I think you will feel much better once you see a specialist like a Rhuematologist. I have both RA and FMS. The pain between the two can be overwhelming at times. He will know how to treat you as well. Good Luck!
    sparklybutterfly replied to crystalscats's response:
    thank you...hope to see one soon, waiting on a referral from my dr, who is reluctant to give me one since my number was only 6.3. he doesn't have to live with the pain and fatigue that i do, so i'm pushing him to give me the referral.
    i have been so discouraged by my own dr, but very encouraged by this forum. thanks all
    mariajohnson responded:
    To manage your RA pain you have to be active. Have healthy food, take rest and get enough sleep. consider joining a support group of other people living with RA and find out the best rheumatologist.

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