New to ra
beachbiker posted:
I have recently been diagnosed with ra. I have had an ms diagnosis for more than 10 years so I have some experIence with managing in autoimmune land but I trying to educate myself. When I read "flare" what does that mean? Is it something that lasts for minutes, day? I want to get my lingo down so I can be as precise as possible when working with my team of docs and therapists? Thank you
An_254147 responded:
Hi Beachbiker-
Sorry to welcome you to the RA club! A flare basically means an increase in your arthritis symptoms either pain, swelling, stiffness, ect. I feel like flairs can be any length of time but for me they're rarely less than a few days. I'm in really good remission so I usually don't have any symptoms at all. Then I may suddenly have some morning stiffness in my hands and feet and a little soreness in my hands for a few days to a few weeks. Sometimes it moves to a different joint and I'll have a sore shoulder/elbow/knees for a few days. My disease is well enough controlled that all I need during a flare is some Naproxen once or twice a day for a few days to a week and then I'm back to no symptoms. Some people will have flairs where they need a steroid like prednisone to help control the symptoms. I hope that makes since. Hang in there! I felt SO much better once I got on meds. I hope you start feeling better soon!
beachbiker replied to An_254147's response:
Thanks for ur response. I am in week two of taking methotrexate and I am anxiously awaiting the time it starts working? My doc suggested it could be a few weeks so I am trying to be patient and to keep exercising. Beachbiker