New blood test to determine progression of RA
kayjayholland posted:
At my regular follow up to my rheumatologist yesterday, she told me that in two months she wants to have new blood tests done that have recently come out to track the progression of the disease. She mentioned something about a '12 point' test that looks at when and where the disease started and where it is predicted to go. I have tried to find information about this new test but cannot seem to find any. Has anyone read or heard about this test from their doctor? Anything would be helpful!
timmydog responded:
Your doctor may be refering to the Vectra Da test. I had one done 2 months ago. I was just recently diagnosed with ra. It gives a total score which indicates the severity of your disease and then gives specific marker scores to help the doctor tell if you are on the right treatment and if the treatment is helping. I received a score of 41 prior to starting any treatment which put me in the moderate case for ra.. I do go back for an appointment next week to discuss the full details of the test.There is a website with more info.. I am very new to this disease but if you have any other questions feel free to ask!! Take care.