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Can I have rheumatoid arthritis?
janicedunst posted:
I'm 58 and the past 3 weeks I have swollen hands, toes, face and neck. I have very red palms with some bumps on them and my joints hurt really bad in hands, toes, elbows, shoulders. I also have dry eyes and dry mouth with feels like sore throat and mouth. I also get red in my face and my chest is red all the time lately. I'm very weak and tired a lot of the times. I went to a rheumatoid doctor a week ago and he had blood drawn and urine. He put me on prednisone, day 1-6, day 2 -5 till I ended with 1 pill. Made me feel a little better, ( not depressed like I was), but didn't help other symptoms. I go back next week to see him. Any advise is welcome, thank you
planetamy responded:
Hi Janice

What you are describing sounds more like Lupus than RA, but I'm *not* a doctor, just another person on the autoimmunue disorder journey. At your next appointment discuss what diagnosis your doctor has made and what other medications can be used to control the symptoms you have. Here is a slide show on this site that may help you decide if Lupus fits your symptoms

Take care,
janicedunst replied to planetamy's response:
Thank you for your help planetamy! Yesterday both of my thighs started having pain and like they were on fire! Also my legs felt like they were going to give out on me, the right one worse than the left one! So confusing?
mike201 responded:
Hi Janice

It is essential that you see a rheumatologist, a medical specialist and not just a primary care physician. Early aggressive treatment is needed if you do indeed have rheumatoid disease. Improve your diet and exercise lightly. There is a lot more information available but getting a clear diagnosis is essential and that will involve blood analysis. All the best.
janicedunst replied to mike201's response:
Thank you Mike201. I have another appointment on Wednesday and I will get the results from the blood work from the rheumatoid doctor!

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