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New Diagnosis
cyou1001 posted:
Hello everyone! I was just recently diagnosed with early aggressive RA and needless to say I have so many questions. I am 28 years old, female, and have had symptoms in my feet, shoulders and hands for approx two years. I only recently consulted a doctor after finding nodules on my fingers. Most of my blood work came back normal, however the CCP was <250 (very high) and the RF was slightly elevated. My general physician wasn't even sure I had RA and suggested another connective tissue disorder. He referred me to a Rheumatologist who diagnosed me. I am getting ready to start Methotrexate and am wondering if I could get some advice from anyone who has used this medication? The doctor went over the more serious side effects (liver damage, pneumonia, etc) but I would love to hear from someone with actual experience. I am terrified!

Also, how often do you all see the Rheumatologist? I have another appointment in a month, and with my high $$ co-pay I am dreading how often I might have to visit.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice!
atti_editor responded:
Hello and welcome to the community!

While you wait for other members to share their stories and experiences, you might want to look through the information we have on Methotrexate in our Drugs & Medications Center, including some reviews from WebMD users .

I am sure that community members will have valuable first-hand advice about seeing your Rheumatologist, but this article about working with your doctor to manage RA has some information you might find helpful, including some general guidelines for appointment frequency and what you can expect.

Best wishes,
blackhills responded:
I was diagnosed with R A in 1999 I am tryin to find a support group, ma RA gave me Vasculitis which I about died from, I an having problems getting on this site, my e-mail is . I need to talk to talk to someone who else who has RA and how they are dealing with it.
blackhills responded:
I was on mexathotrexate it is not a good drug but it does help, I am now on humira and it really works for me. I have RA since 1999 and almost died, humira has been me lifesver.

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