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Been diagnosed with RA but rheumy says all pain is OA?
singingbear posted:
It seems that over the last year I have devoloped an increasing amount of joint pain in my fingers and feet. Everytime I go to the Rheumatologist they tell me that the swelling in my fingers and toes is just osteoarthritis and not my RA. Why would I suddenly have so much osteo when I never had problems with my hands and feet prior to three years ago when I was diagnosed with RA? I am in pain all day and all night everyday! I don't sleep well because of the pain in my legs. Every step I take hurts. I have bunions on both feet and knots on my big toes and pinky toes. The balls of my feet are swollen around the joints. My finger joints are sensitive to touch. My right index finger is swollen and stiff nearly all the time. My right arm and wrist hurt me when doing simple tasks.
On top of all of that my knees are apparently 15 years older then the rest of my body and I have huge baker's cysts on both legs. Standing and walking hurts my leg from the knee all the way down. I have been told there is nothing that they can do about the baker's cyst. No one in my state will drain them. My rheumy gave me a steroid shot in my knee last week and I have found no relief from that. She told me that if it didn't work that I could make an appointment with the ortho surgeon and his shots were stronger. The last time I got a shot from him it helped for about 4 months.
The rheumatologist believes that my RA is well controlled and the only change she has made to any of my RX is to bounce me around on different NSAIDS that do very little for the pain. I have been on 17.5 mg mtx for over 2 yrs with not change in dose. I am tired, frustrated, and angry. I just want to be able to walk through the store I work in without wanting to cry from pain.
cousinhockey responded:
I can understand what you're going through. My RA is in my legs and feet at it's worst. I do have it in the knees and it moved into my fingers. Can you tolerate narcotics? I have RA really bad and take Vicodin 3x's a day. Tell your doctor that your RA is not controlled. She doesn't have to walk around in your body, you do. Vicodin is NOT a bad drug. I take it, it may not take everything away..but you can feel functional less pain. I also was taking Humira but got sick from it, I think. We stopped that for now. I know it's depressing too. Talk to your doctor about that if it gets to be too much. Good luck
marzipana responded:
It really does sound like your RA is not very well controlled. I wonder why your doctor hasn't tried you on any biologics, if you do have RA. Have you considered switching to another rheumatologist? If I were you, I would look for a new doctor. Good luck and best wishes...

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