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RA and muscle weakness
jhart20 posted:
im 21 and have had ra since 18. im on enbrel and have had less pain lately but i notice some weakness in my hands and arms as the day goes progresses. even just holding my purse for a while my arm is sore and tender and as the day goes on my hands get weaker. it becomes hard to grasp or hold on to things .and if i wear flip flops or shoes without a back my feet get really tired and my ankles feel weak and like im dragging my feet. i didnt kno if anyone else experienced this at all.
ajh7310 responded:
:neutral: Hello jhart, I regret very much to hear about the weakness in your hands and arms. I also can't imagine what it must be like to be 21 and have to deal with RA. I was diagnosed with RA on Oct. 2nd of this year and am now on both prednizone and methotrexate. I experience a weakness similar to yours if I put very much stress or pressure on my arms such as doing yard work that I have done for 20 years. After mowing my yard today (riding) I then cleaned off my driveway with my blower and with no more strain than that my arms started feeling weak and I thought they were really going to start hurting. I take ibuprofen during the day in order to function but couldn't have any more at that time so after finishing my work I came in and took a hot shower (as hot as I could stand it) and just stood there and let the hot water run over my arms. This did help quite a bit. If I do any work at all using my arms I have to stop and relax them several times before I finish due to the pain. Previous to my RA I never had to do this. Hopefully and prayerfully, as my medication reduces the inflammation in my joints, muscles, and connective tissue, this tenderness, weakness, and pain will go away. Hopefully and prayerfully the same will happen for you. Perhaps you should contact your doctor to confirm that you are on the right medication for the inflammation as well as the pain, soreness, and weakness. I couldn't function without ibuprofen. Some days I take 1600 mgs. in order to keep going. I hope this was helpful. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I know what you're going through. We understand; most of us are right there with you; God loves you.
WIPitGood13 responded:
Hi jhart20, We all experience fluctuations of pain and symtoms, but without speaking for everyone, I think the general trend is to have less stiffness later in the day rather than earlier. I think that is sometimes true for pain as well. What I'm getting at is, maybe you should go visit your doctor really soon. Weakness that progresses doesn't sound normal to me, and it sure doesn't sound safe to be weak and dragging your feet. If you have been on Enbrel for more than 6 months, I really think you should check in with your Rheumatologist. Anyway, I'm really sorry that you are having these troubles, but I really hope you get an appt. with your doctor asap. You have had RA for three years, so you are not new at this, but I hope you get some positive changes soon. Take care and check back in, I would love to hear that things have gotten better. WIP
NewportRILady responded:
I am not a dr. by any means, but it sounds like you could have developed Fibromyalgia. It happens a lot to people with RA. There are 18 trigger points in Fibromyalgia. If you are experiencing a lot of weakness and fatigue it could very well be Fibromyalgia. For ex: carrying a light weight grocery bag in your arms after several minutes will feel like it weighs 25lbs!! It causes pain and weakness. I can not wear flip flops, the arthritis has progressed severly in my toes. I can only wear orthopeadic style shoes or sandals. I went to a Podiatrist and he configured an insert that I have to wear in whatever shoe I am wearing, even my slippers!! But sometimes the insert hurts, so some days I don't even wear it. Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease, you are basically chronically in pain and chronically fatigued. It is not something that comes and goes. Its lasting pain!!!! There is medication for it now: Lyrica for example.

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