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Psoriatic Arthritis
cybok451 posted:
Amazing how you can be told by doc's that you have arthritis for years then suddenly the surface indicators of psoriatic arthritis is recognized and it is off to the rheumatologist. It has proven VERY difficult in my case to get rheumy to acknowledge and treat the arthritis that recent x-ray shows "covering" my spine.
Why would rheumy not treat full disease. Also, what happened to treating pain which is at best moderate and at times is flat out agony. I understand that the definition of disease is: Being in a state of dis-ease (look it up). The last time I checked, doctors took an oath to fight disease.
It becomes impossible to not become depressed and stressed when you can not work, are being slammed by severe pain and are told by doc and staff that your pain will not be addressed by what pharmacist made clear is the only tool in the box (opiates).
If they see psoriatic arthritis as such a severe disease that they will treat it with some of the most toxic meds around (leflunomide) but refuse to address the pain that trust me this horrible disease will bring to you, what happened to compassion and caring in healthcare?
Any physicians out there that can explain this to me? Any patients out there that are experiencing the same thing? If I am suffering from a disease that is not curable and the very dangerous meds to treat it only slow the inevitable decline that it will produce, why not at least put me at ease by helping me endure pain that at times is unendurable?

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