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New to this Rheumatoid Arthritis Community
rheumynama posted:
Greetings to all of you. RA has entered my life and it has it many challenges. I spent many years thinking I was an oddity in the medical community. My first diagnoses were Fibromyalgia, Sleep Apnea, and Vitamin D deficiency. They were worried about RA from the found early warning signs like swelling between the knuckles on my hands etc.

I started on Plaquenil, was on that for about 1 year before getting the diagnosis of RA. Started Methotrexate, which took a while to adjust to. (Also tried Sulfasalazine too) I have had many flares, a bad year of infections and issues. Just started Humira injections as my disease was not responding well to other medications. 2014 is starting out much hang in there.

Excited to join a site and looking forward to learning and sharing. As with most of you I have good days and bad days and some really bad days. But hope springs eternal....each day is a new one. Learning to listen to my body, know when to stop pushing, when to call the doctor etc.

For those who are afraid... do not buy in to every horror story you can find online. Do not avoid the doctor, or treatment....this disease has its own concerns and health risks. Find a good doctor and listen, ask questions, and try to learn how to communicate well with the doctors and nurses...believe me it takes a little practice. Hugs to you all
sexyragirl responded:
Try changing your diet as well.
Let's Rock RA Family!

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