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High RA Latex Turbid Test Result
sara9001 posted:
I have RA, it was diagnosed 3 years ago during an acute exacerbation. The RA Latex Turbid Results were in the 200's at the time and I could not walk on my left foot, the joint below my great toe was so inflamed and painful. I saw a Rheumatologist and she tried a few different drugs none worked as the side effect were equally as bad as the disease itself. The Rheumatologist offered me both Embrel and Humara but I had both thyroid and breast cancer in the past so I have chosen not to use those two drugs. I keep prednisone 5mg's and Tramadol 75mg's and when my symptoms are more than I can deal with I take them for a few days. Recently, I went to a new primary care doctor and she did another RA Latex Turbid Test, I am having pain in my fingers and toes but not medicating for them as it is not severe pain. Anyway the test result came back as 216.8 IU/mL. Range: 0.0-13.9. My question is once you have RA is the test result showing the degree of RA you have in which case I have two tests around the same result. Or is it telling me that I am exasperated again and that it needs to be medicated for control?
mike201 responded:
Hello Sara

The Latex Test is the the same as the RA Factor Test. My own current reading is well over 1,000 IU/mL. I wish I had yours. The test is a general reading for the level of inflammation. It is not specific and is not given a lot of focus by rheumatologists. You seem to be having flares. This is common. If blood tests are run during a flare you may get a higher result for some or all the various tests. Your Latex Test is just too general to be really useful. I am surprised you Rheumy offered you the big drugs without trying Methyltrexate. Hope this helps.
sara9001 replied to mike201's response:
@mike201 Thank you for your response. My Rheum. Did put me on Methyltrexate for 3-4 months and I was taking it from fri-sun each week but I was so nauseated, lethargic that eventually I just said the cures are as bad as the disease for me and requested the prednisone and tram afoul for flair ups. I am wandering if you know what tests your doctor runs for you that are more helpful with your dx. and I am always looking for medication that will work for me. I have had bilateral mastectomies, thyroid ca, and a few other problems but the cancer history is what rules out a lot of medications. Also, when I am flailed up my pain management is a problem as I am allergic to codeine thus I use the Tramadol. Any thoughts and information on this are welcome.

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