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Lost and worried
wifeandmomof4 posted:
Hi, I haven't talked about this so here it goes.....I was diagnosed in October of 2013 with RA. I was put on methotrexate. The med's haven't worked for me. I've gone to a specialist that was no help and only rude. He wouldn't answer your questions and made you feel like another number in line. So my general Dr has been the best! He did get me in to see another specialist that's suppose to be the best for my area. So I drove out of state to see him. My antibodies seems to always stay low. My RA level extremely high. My general Dr explained it to me like Immune system seems to be always down. Like someone who is on chemo, just without the chemo. This is why I'm always running a fever and feeling like I'm catching the flu and so on. He also told me that I'm not producing enough white or plasma cells. They haven't been low enough to have to do any blood transfusions. He told me this is why I must stay away from anyone that is possible sick. Which is hard for me due to having four kids. 8,4 and twins that are 2 almost 3. I'm in a lot of pain. My general Dr is trying to get my new blood work results. I go back to the specialist in May. I push threw it everyday for my husband and kids. I'm only 32 and I'm lost and scared. I also have scoliosis so doing yoga is painful for me, I do eat right. Is there a light at the end of this dark tunnel? Will I ever be that happy, out going person again?
marzipana responded:
Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Having dealt with this for 3 or so years, I would say yes---but it is a journey. Finding the right medication or combination of medications that work for you can take some time. There is a trial and error element to treating RA, it seems to me.

But working with a doctor who you can trust, and who you have confidence in, is really important. Finding out all you can about RA is also helpful. The Arthritis Foundation is one good resource.

I also have a generally low white blood cell count, and that has made finding the right meds a little tricky, since the biologics can lower your white cell count even more than it already is. BUT I've been able to find one that works for me, and the results have been very, very good---no pain and no morning stiffness, so I would say just stay the course, work with your doctors and keep a hopeful outlook. There are lots of different treatments available, so hopefully you'll find the right one eventually.

Re: staying healthy and avoiding infections, I use a hand sanitizer all the time, I take vitamin C and other supplements and mushroom extracts, and I really try to avoid people who are sick. It's a little harder with small kids, but hopefully you're immune to a lot of what's out there since your oldest is 8.

Taking a Arthritis Foundation water fitness class--or any water fitness class, really---is extremely helpful to get your joints moving in a painless way.


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