I really think its RA but...
ninjajen posted:
I'm just an my wit's end here. Let me explain...
I'm 48 years old and about a year ago I had sudden onset feet pain, just out of the blue. Not a sports injury, or an all day shopping expedition.. Just woke up one morning and could barely stand. Since then I have also experienced painful elbows, painful hands and fingers, hurting knees and weakness in my thigh muscles when I go stairs. This year I also experienced double pneumonia for the 2nd time. I thought I was going to die. I have been diagnosed in the past with Iritis - 3 times now. I have chronic autoimmune hives *doc's don't know why... I have had Hashimotos since I was 11 years old and had a total thyroidectomy 3 years ago.

I'm tired, I'm so dead tired. I can sleep anywhere, fall asleep literally anywhere! Most recently my gorgeous hair has been falling out in masses... it's no longer lush and lovely, but thin and fuzzy and scraggly.

Went to my general doc - he did a blood workup on me. Sed Rate came back a 6 and the ANA was negative. Me...I'm crying. I'm living in terrible pain, eating Ibuprofen like candy gems. Doc said my liver enzymes were elevated. Had an ultrasound - enlarged liver and gallstones. I literally need a magic word to get through to my doc.

The kicker is this... my messed up head tells me, 'perhaps you're too fat' and this is why my feet, hands, legs, and elbows hurt. BUT Also know I have not had an increase in weight - I have always been a bit bigger - bigger but super active. Working over 40 hours a week, chasing after my 7 year old, and keeping up with my 26 and 29 year old. Always cleaning, cooking, shopping, creating...now I feel like I am on a fast track to a hospice bed.... Can one be so fat that sudden onset joint and feet pain just happen overnight?

My mom had MS, my oldest daughter has hashi's like me, and my youngest has Hashi's too...we are one autoimmune family. I seriously believe I have RA... what can I tell me general doc to get him into some action? Thank you!

Ninja Jen
mike201 responded:
Hi Jen

May I suggest you get your GP to send to to a specialist such as a rheumatologist. There are a number of RA blood markers which all indicate inflammation levels. From what you say, you may not have RA but there are a range of other possibilities. All the best.
shannon_s responded:
No you cannot be so fat that you one day wake up with all of that pain. As a former Massage Therapist I can tell you that the extra weight will put stress on your joints but if you have always been on the larger side then it wouldn't just start one day without reason. You know your body and need to trust yourself enough to realize when something is wrong and stick to your guns. My fibromyalgia diagnosis was a long drawn out process of elimination which was incredibly frustrating for me. Its a long lonely road to diagnosis but you have to stick with it and you hopefully will get the validation you seek eventually. Relief will never come if you aren't persistant in getting a diagnosis.
jensielyn1965 responded:
Just an update from me.
I made an appointment with my GP and he was out on vacation, so my appointment was with his assistant - a physcians assistant - whom I have always loved. Anyhow, saw her and she was so wonderful! We spent alot of time talking - she said these joint pains have lasted much too long and referred me to a rheumatologist. Also had some xrays ordered of my feet and ankles and also requested some blood work - an RF blood test plus sed rate ...again. Said that even though my sed rate came back ok last time that it sometimes takes years to see anything in the blood work. She gave me Meloxicam to take in the meantime... I could weep! No more joint pain in my hands and fingers. I can actually hold a ceramic mug filled with coffee without dropping it or it hurting like the dickens. My rhematologist appointment is July 31st... I sure hope everything works out ok. Just having some relieft is so 'freeing'. I really could weep with joy!

rvhubbard replied to jensielyn1965's response:
I had the same symptoms.. fatigue, joint pain, general achy all over and went to my GP. She did lots of blood work and put me on Meloxicam, which is helping. She set me up with a RA specialist (my first appoint was last week) and he did even more blood work. The RA factor read as negative, HOWEVER all of the other indicators came back as I did have RA. He has put me on 4 Methotrexate (2.5) once a week, 50,000 Vitamin D once a week and 1 Folic Acid a day. I will go back in four weeks for more blood work. Not feeling better yet, but hope better things are coming.