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muscle cramps
An_258404 posted:
I was recently diagnosed with RA and am taking Arava and Lyrica. I also take tramadol for pain. Since the beginning of this I have had severe muscle cramps in my calves. Is there anything I can do to lesson them? I stretch and have my husband rub the knots out which helps. I also take magnesium and calcium supplements which the pharmacist said would help but so far nothing has really changed.
atti_editor responded:
This article has some information for treating and avoiding leg cramps that you might try. I would continue the stretching as it is one of the methods for getting rid of muscle cramps explained here . I hope these help! Please let us know how you are doing!
banditbella responded:
My husband has the same problems with severe cramping. He tried everything too. He went to a new doctor who is a "little bit country" she suggested he drink a small amount of pickle juice about 1 TBLS before he goes to bed. He has done this for about a month. He still has some cramps but not nearly as severe as before. He had the same type of cramping as you described. Hope it helps you as it has him. BTW, I too suffer from RA since 1999.
wendyj12 replied to banditbella's response:
Thanks! I will give the pickle juice a try. You have RA? Is it under control? How do you know it is under control? I've been in pain so long I don't remember what my old self felt like. Will I get back to being pain free?

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