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Seasonal Effects
DIYSTER posted:
I was wondering if others here experience more flare-ups or their worst flare-ups at certain times of year. I have experienced a pattern where I am at my very worst in the spring and then pretty bad again in the fall.

How do seasonal changes affect those of us with auto-immune diseases? I'd like to hear your stories. Thanks.
Nicey10502 responded:
Hi Diyster, That's a good question. I haven't noticed that I feel flare ups more in a particular season, but I have had flareups in all four seasons. I notice that I start to not feel well the day before precip is going to occur like tonight. If rain or snow is in the forecast eveything will start to hurt the day or night before.
DIYSTER responded:
Funny you should mention the effects of forecoming weather changes. I, too, feel like a human barometer. I can even feel the changes in the barometric pressure on my skin. Weird, isn't it??
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
I don't have RA, but I do have osteo arthritis, CFIDS and Fibromyalgia. Winter is the worst for morning aches, but the thing I hate most is summer heat. I seem to have become very heat intolerant. I also feel like a human weather station! I can definitely tell when the weather is changing. I just found this article that addresses the topic nicely: Is the Weather Wreaking Havoc on your health? Interesting question--thanks for asking, Byroney

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