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Diabetes and Humira
BarbaraCee posted:
Is anyone taking Humira that is also diabetic? I am and have recently noticed my blood sugars are higher than normal for me. I have heard that can be a side effect. I started the Humira in early December. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this. Thanks!
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear BarbaraCee,

How about checking out the reviews for your medication in our Drugs and Treatments Library? It may help you to get a good idea of what folks really experience when using a medication by reading the user reviews.

I'd definitely have your Rheummy (or whomever is treating your RA) and your endocrinologist (or whomever is treating your diabetes) consult on whether or not it's the right medication for you. Don't be shy about advocating for yourself if you have concerns.

Yours in health,

BarbaraCee responded:
Thank you Byroney. Indeed this is listed as a side effect from Humira - one that says to call your doc about. Guess I will call my rheumatolgist on Monday. I thought it was my diabetes reacting to the Humira but probably not. The Humira is not helping so maybe it is time to move on.
lovemypups responded:
Hey Barbara Cee!

I have been on Humira for 2 years now (Enbrel prior to that). I am experiencing higher than usual blood sugars also. My "AC1" is still normal (0-6) but it is getting pretty close to 6! Now my rheumatologist has prescribed prednisone for me to take for my feet. The x-rays showed "erosion" in some of my bones. Anyway! Prenisone raises blood sugar, too. So, I have a call into my doctor's office this morning and waiting to hear what they want me to do.

RA is the pits! But I guess it could be worse!

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