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Simponi update
HuskerKittyCat posted:
Just an update for those interested in Simponi. I recently took my second injection of this med. I haven't seen any big side effects yet, thank goodness. The injection site is sore for a day or so, but I can live with that. What I have seen is that my knees have quit hurting and have very little inflammation now, the ankles also don't seem to hurt either. The inflammation in the shoulders and neck are still there but less. The only thing that seems to be constant is the inflammation in the feet (my big toes really hurt) and the hands and the hips. Nothing has changed with the muscle weakness though. I still find my self with fatigue most days. Well, I'm going to give this some more time. My next Rhuemmy appt is in April. Any comments or suggestions would be great. Happy Friday everyone.
NE_Rosie responded:
Hi Linda Happy Saturday! I am giving the methotrexate a few more weeks and hopefully see Dr. Swift by then. I am glad it seems to be going Ok for you and maybe it'll relieve the rest of the pain and weakness soon? Did the Doc say it would help with weakness?? Hope you're having a great Saturday and thanks for letting us know the progress on Simpomi. Take care.....Rosie
lcover responded:

I'm contemplating Simponi (I didn't like Enbrel) and I'm just curious how you are doing on the Simponi now?

Any information is appreciated!

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