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RA and Pain in Teeth
JanRichards posted:
I have had RA for about for about 7yrs. Recently I have developed pain and sensitivity in my teeth. I've been to my dentist a few times and he has taken xrays of the teeth but nothing shows up on the xrays. So at this point he sent me to another doctor for a second opinion again he took xrays and saw nothing physically wrong with any of my teeth. My question is has anyone with RA had this problem and knows weather or not RA can cause a problem like this? I am at a lost and need some answers. Maybe I am seeing the wrong doctor for this problem. Thanks for any information that can be suggested.

Lisa3kids responded:
Are you talking about a sensitivity type pain because that just happens from brushing your teeth to hard. I have had problems for years but never heard of a connection to RA. If so the pro-enamel sensitivity tooth paste really helps.
bkm531 responded:
My RA caused facial/head pain which I initially thouht was ear aches or tooth problems only to find out that RA was affecting the Jaw Bones. Good Luck , BKM1066

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