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Relief from RA flare ups
noelmelton posted:
Does anyone have any suggestions for alleviating pain when I have a flare up. I take Advil, as an anti inflammatory, but is there something topical I can apply.
DIYSTER responded:
The simplest is to apply ice, on and off 5 minutes each - max 3 or 4 times. That always worked for me. Fortunately my flares are now minor since I've been having success with Humira. Hopefully you, too, will find a treatment to stop the immune system from attacking the body and therefore causing inflammation and pain.

Best of luck!!
whitneyq0322 responded:
Hi There,

I've had RA for about 5 years now and I still get flare ups even though I'm on Orencia. What I do is I use Icy Hot Medicated Roll. You can cut it to any length or size you need. I also use ice and a heating pad on and off. Hope this helps :-)
JohnsonCityMamaKitty responded:
Ok, a few of my helpers:
1. fill a cotton sock with uncooked, white rice. sew or tie closed, place in freezer. Its a great cooling ack that does not shock the skin the way ice sometimes does.
2. fill a cotton sock...same thing, only do not place in freezer. microwave it 30 seconds at a time (take it out and shake it in between cycles) until hot. careful!!! they can get really hot and CAN burn you. but I know microwaves differ so I can't say a certain mount of minutes.
3. Mobic and zantac. Mobic is prescription but it is worth the trouble. It works better than advil. the zantac will protect your tummy since anti-inflammatory drugs can hurt you there. Just remember that it is dangerous to take more then 15 mgs a day (I take 7.5 once a day) unless directed by your doc.
4. Active-On Arthritis formula. It is a sports rub that comes in a tube much like a giant chapstick :-). I picked it up at CVS and it is the only thing that helps my knees and ankles topically.
5. massage with a cold orange. it helps my arms and wrists when they get bad. it sunds funny but it helps. just roll it around on the skin. use whatever pressure feels good to you.
6. for your feet and ankle pain. hold out your foot off the floor and "write" the alphabet in the air with your big toe. try to just move the foot not the whole leg. do this with both feet and it helps relieve stiffness. try to do it before standing up in the morning. it really helps my movement.
7. good luck to you and all RA sufferers.
merttt responded:
I do complete bed rest for a day, or two...which is as long as it takes to settle down. (and take my inflam. (arthrotec). This always works for me.
Ashminlia responded:
I am 25 & have hade flare up after flare up for the last few years. I used icey hot... but liked Bengay more. But now my doc gave me a topical med called Voltaren Gel! Works way better than anything I have used in the past & doesn't feel or smell like anything. I like it, but i have not tried it on my hip yet.... worked on knees, shoulders, wrist, & hand though. Hip may be to deep, not sure.

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