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Do hormones affect flares?
An_215797 posted:
I'm 41, in the peri-menopausal stage, and have noticed that about a week and a half after the end of my cycle I get extreme body aches and joint pain in my fingers. I've also developed eczema that has required me to get prescription cream for. Sound familiar to anyone? Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts!
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Anon_34616,

I've seen members post before about weather changes causing flares, but not about hormones. Hopefully someone else will pop in and add their opinion, as it's a very interesting question.

Best wishes,

Okiekel responded:
I am not a peri-menopausal woman. In fact I am a male with RA. My RA doc noticed that my testosterone was low and pu me on weekly injections to raise my levels. He told me that my low testosterone was complicatimg my pain and energy level. I have been on the injections for a year now, while I have noticed some changes, my pain level s still high. But, that maybe due to my agressice form. I hope this helps nad gives you the psuh to talk with your RA doc.

Peace Ouy,
An_215798 replied to Okiekel's response:
Thank you Okiekel!

I'm sorry about your pain even though you've been having injections - I hope you will find something to help you even more in the near future. Since I left that post four months ago, I've also developed pain in my feet and toes - both feet, just like in both hands. Some days it's very bad, other days not as bad, but I do believe there is a hormonal link - during those times I have my usual pain but also ache all over, as if I have the flu. Sometimes I lay in bed with heating pads. I've developed the motto: "Could be worse" because the more I've learned about what other people are going through, the less sorry I feel for myself.

Best wishes to you!
zozane replied to An_215798's response:
I read some women take birth control to stop there cycle. Some in perimeno take natural progesterone. They put me on progesterone once because I wasn't producing enough hormones. Progesterone would even out the ones I needed. I was lucky it stopped my period. It made me feel great. I was in my 20's I would love something like that now. my ra dr didn't know anything about hormones. But I'm going to ck with gyn with specialist in hormones.
Imtired2 replied to An_215798's response:
I know you posted on this 3 yrs ago, but your symptoms are the same as mine. I'm 45 and every month i'm in so much pain triggered by my cycle. My hands, wrists, knees, back, ankles, feet and toes are so sore and swell and I feel like I have the flu every month. I work full time and take care off four children plus a mom with alzhiemiers, and I feel guilty because I'm in bed a lot because of the pain. I only take ibuprofen. Have you found any help?

Hope all is well

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