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Kat41282 posted:
Does anyone else get numbness in the placed they are having pain? like right now I am having pain in my wrist and two of my fingers are numb. Almost feel like they are "asleep" Is this normal? It happens all the time.
MissyB621 responded:
Yes, I get numbness all the time and It started in my hands as well. When I have alot of pain in my wrist usually my thumb, index and middle fingers would all go numb. Or sometimes just my ring and pinky firngers would go numb. I thought it was really wierd so I asked my Rheumy and he said it was normal. It's from the chronic inflamation damaging the nerves that supply feeling to the fingers. The numbness is really starting to scare me now because I get it in my legs, back and stomach area. I'm afraid that it will cause permanent damage it it continues. My Rheumy said the only way to stop it is to get the inflamation under control which I have not been able to do yet. I just started Simponi so I'm hoping for some relief soon. I hope you are able to find some relief soon as well. Take care!
DIYSTER responded:
Yes, I do. Usually it is nearby an affected joint. I also have Reynaud's Syndrome so if my hands get cold, my fingers turn numb and white. It doesn't take much of a temperature drop either.

I get numbness in my thigh, ankle, foot, toes, arms, rib cage, butt, just about anywhere - some days it is easy to ignore, other days I'm distracted by it. Stretching and massaging seem to help some.
amy62528 responded:
Great question! I've actually had this happen to me also. Usually it's my ring and pinkie fingers and the side of my hand. I've asked my rheummy about it and he said that it could be from my joints swelling, and it pinching my nerves. From the other two responses, it does seem like this may be normal which eases my fears that I had some kind of nerve issue as well as the ra. Thanks for bringing this up!

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