Work and RA
Kat41282 posted:
I work in a Warehouse and it is getting harder and harder to go to work. I do order picking so I walk all day long. The RA has been makeing it very very hard to do my job. I also do a lot of opening and closing of boxes. Some days my hands and wrist hurt so bad going to work is a nightmnare. I just don't know what to do about this. ideas????
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Kat41282,

Hello yet again! This article on RA, Work and Disability may have some useful information for you.

Ultimately, you may need to speak with your doctor, your employer, and/or a disability lawyer to figure out what will work best for you. You mentioned previously that you worked 50-60 hours a week, and that would be very difficult for anyone to maintain over a long period of time.

In support,