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My hands hurt
Kat41282 posted:
anyone else notice that when you are having pain in you hands and wrist your fingers get even closer together then they already are? Myt fingers are already very crocked and close together however on days that I am having pain they seem to move even more so. is this normal? Anyone else haviing this happen? I am 28 and alraedy have very crocked fingers. Do ya'all have hand X-rays every six months like I do?
RAWarrior responded:
Hi Kat,

Do you think it's from swelling or twisting? It makes sense to me what you are saying. Sorry your fingers are already so crooked. Do they hurt a lot? Mine are only a little bit bent, but they hurt a lot & they are so weak. It's no fun to watch the changes is it?

Maybe the x-rays are to see if the damge is slowing down or progressing. ? Are you on treatment?

Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Kat41282,

In addition to RAWarrior's helpful advice, here's an article on RA Hand and Finger Pain . I also have one on Hand Strengthening Exercises that might be useful. It also has stretching exercises as well.

I think I remember SnazzyActor mentioning in another post here today that petting cats makes a great finger limbering exercise in the morning!

Best wishes,

RAWarrior replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi Byroney,

Usually people who don't have RA don't seem to understand that most hand exercises (I've seen the article) are too difficult and painful for people who cannot even clean their own teeth or hold a pencil or a cup. This weakness appears suddenly "overnight" and is not related to lack of exercise. It is caused by disease activity & is truly life altering. I just wanted to take time to explain that to you or anyone who reads this.

Also, I don't think the exercises will help prevent the deformities that Kat is describing. There is not much we can do besides try to pursue a treatment that works.

If a person with RA has "flares", then in between times exercise can be appropriate. Many of us have 'uncontrolled' RA that does not come & go with flares, but is always active. It is frustrating that the authors of the articles on this site don't always seem to understand this.

Thank you for listening,
Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to RAWarrior's response:
Dear RAWarrior,

Thank you for sharing an 'insider' view with me. My connection with RA was a grandmother who had it at a time before they had any good treatments and her hands were very painful and gnarled.

I offer links and support to people and hope they will find something informative and/or helpful to take away with them. However, links cannot address an individual. That's why I always say that working with a doctor (hopefully a rheumatologist) is so important because (as you've noted before) the disease is not a 'one size fits all' type of diagnosis and treatment.

If you look at the bottom of this page, there is a "Contact Us" link. How about sharing your concerns on those articles with them? Member feedback is very important, and as a person with RA yourself, it gives you an unique look into the topic.

Thanks for bringing this up,

An_215826 replied to RAWarrior's response:
I agree with you people don't understand what we go threw
it gets very frustrating..

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