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Any GUYS out there with RA??
Okiekel posted:
Hey everyone,

I am a 33yo male and was diagnosed with agressive RA 6 years ago. Since guys make up a small percentage of RA suffers, was wondering if there any other guys on here? I feel so alone sometimes, because I feel like I am the only guy iwth RA. It would be great to find others and have someone to talk to.

Peace Out,
RAWarrior responded:
Hi Kel, that's my nickname too. haha.

I'm not a guy w/ RA. But I know a lot of them. You are not alone!

Here is a link to a friend's blog that you might like - he is a good guy.

Plus I don't know where you live, but some of these local groups w/ Arthritis Introspective are guys. The president has JRA & he's a guy.

Also there are lot of men on my Facebook page & that is a good way to look for someone local to you. A guy there started a Discussion called "Where the Warriors Live" and he has gotten a lot of responses. Maybe you'll find someon to connect with.

Good luck to you!
Kelly :D
Okiekel replied to RAWarrior's response:

Thanx!!!! I will check your friend's blog. I have been meaning to go to my local Arthritis Foundation, but there never seems to be a good time. I either hurt or my fatigue is bad. I may just have to force myself to go and check it out. I know there shoulld be a lot info for me.

Peace Out,
ScabbyDonkey responded:

[a name=_MailAutoSig>Hi Okiekel,
You are not alone....
I am a 52 y/o Male and was diagnosed with RA August of 2009, by the sixth doctor to see me since the painful symptoms first appeared in March of that year; 3 days following my first colonoscopy. Looking back, I think I've had RA simmering below the surface for decades but because I work for myself was able to adjust my schedule around it; able to take naps during the day sometimes. I would have occasional joint pain, enough for me to have myself tested for Lyme Disease about 4 or 5 times in the past few decades. They always came back negative.

One big problem is that I have always been active (until last year that is!) and I look healthy. No one except for a very few people truly understand the agony of the weakness, pain and always feeling sick. I am on many drugs, Prednisone, Methotrexate, Enbrel, Ibuprophen and more.... and continue to have periodic flares. My last one:
I had a weird health incident this week.
Tuesday afternoon while I was at a client the right side of my face started to hurt and it swelled up. I mean really hurt. I was certain I had a tooth infection.
It got worse and worse. I had painkillers so was able to deal with that.

Went to sleep very swollen and hurtin'
I woke up Wed morning. Swelling was almost gone, I had sense that it had drained elsewhere while I was lying down sleeping. Some residual swelling and pain. Then in late afternoon Wednesday it returned. Did not seem related to anything I ate etc. So I scheduled a dental visit for Thurs morning.

Thurs morning I woke up, again, swelling down with only some residual pain and swelling.... Went to dentist anyway.
He listened to my story including that I have RA. Took a regular xray series entire mouth (I was due for that anyway) and also took a Panoramic xray that included my entire lower jaw, upper jaw all the way up to my sinuses and the Jaw Hinge - very cool machine and picture. It revolved around my head while I stood there.

He picked and prodded.
I have no infection, a couple of teeth that need some attention; nothing really bad. No tumors etc. As he put it "I find no dental basis for your symptoms."
He also added that from my report it seemed the symptoms were centered on the Jaw joint and it could be an RA 'flare' in that joint.....

Two days now and it has not returned....I think it was an RA related symptom in an unusual joint......

Have you ever had a problem with your Jaw Joint?

Getting RA has turned my life upside down.


Okiekel replied to ScabbyDonkey's response:
Hey Scabbydonkey,

Thinking about now, in my early 20s was diagnosed with TMJ (don't know the real name) but it is basically jaw pain, clicking of the jawbone and ocassional locking of the swelling that I have noticed. Not sure if it that is connected with my RA or not....I forget about it most o the used to it.

I am on several meds myself....Metho, Enbrel, Nabumetone, Plaquenil, Oxy 80s and 30s for pain. Then there are supplements Vitamin D and Testosterone (which my RA doc said low levels of those can complicate pain). I have severe flare ups and am in the midst of one right now. I have been laid up the past two days.

I was sorta forced to go on a medical LOA (retail manager) because the constent walking, bending, squatting..blah blah blah and was in tears at work and after if pain was really bad. I fought for my long-term disability through my company, that I pad 6years for, only to be denied several times. Only to start SSI.....i hate it!!!! I have to fight for and defend myself everyday!!!! Be glad you work for yourself and can work around your flares, not many of us can do that.

Best wishes & Peace Out,

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