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Calf pain
kdecunzo posted:
Does anyone experience calf pain? I get these sudden 'pulled muscle' feelings in my calves but haven't done anything to cause them. My Rhuemy shrugged it off last visit and prescribed Potassium and Magnesium. Not working. I see her again next Friday and will bring it up again but man it's getting annnoying. It feels like I'm about to get a charlie horse but it never actually cramps. Just feels a little crampy and sore. A few days later they go away just to start again. Sometimes I can't straighten my leg all the way. Wondering if anyone else has found out what they are or causes them. Are they related to RA? FYI, I'm on MTX, Mobic, Plaquinel, Folic Acid, Potassium, Magnesium, Savella and Premarin (other reasons obviously). Calf pain started before the meds though.
DIYSTER responded:
Yes, I get that to the point of a charlie horse, usually when sleeping. I'm on Humira, Evoxac (for Sjogren's) and Boniva (for osteoporosis from the RA) and I notice these symptoms flare toward then end of the two-week period for the Humira injection. So I attribute the problem to the RA. But it also happens if I've been doing stretching exercises for my leg muscles so that muddies the picture a bit. BTW, I started getting these before the meds also so, again, I suspect RA more than anything else.
karilync responded:
I've been having a lot of calf cramps around the time I take my methotrexate... and I blame the med, although my rheumy thinks I'm just dehydrated. I have to admit, I drink a lot of caffienated beverages around my dose (which can dehydrate) - MTX makes me tired, what can I say... But this weekend, I took my dose and plenty of water, and still waking up with the leg cramps. Not sure what this is all about. I didn't have them before taking the meds. It's really hard to sort things out.. hoping you've figured this out!!!

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