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New here and frustrated with doctor's visit
kelti1029 posted:
Just looking for some validation with what I'm feeling. Long story short, I've had foot problems, back problems, hip problems, you name it for a long time. I thought the bulk of the back/hip issues were from carrying and delivering ten pound babies (and not easily, I might add.) I finally caved in and had an MRI done on my foot. It just so happened at the time, I was extremely swollen in my legs/feet. The podiatrist was really concerned (reg. doc wasn't as I had seen her two days prior.) I had the scan, nothing visible on the foot other than two areas of fluid that I gather now are suspect for RA (since there was no evidence of OA there.) Blood tests revealed elevated sed rate, elevated RA Factor, elevated RDW and WBC. ANA Titer was 1:80 with a speckled pattern. Podiatrist immediately put me on an anti-inflammatory that works well with RA and OA both and got me an appointment with a specialist. That turned out to be the worst visit ever. He took less than a minute to tell me by looking at my labs that it wasn't RA. He said blood work can often be a fluke, and explained that usual RA factor levels are in the 300-400 range, and I wasn't off that much, and that the sed rate and RDW highs were caused by inflammation and anemia. Then he proceeded to do the physical exam that included contorting my legs into extremely uncomfortable positions. He looked at my foot and told me I had no arch left and that was the root of my problem (really, because my podiatrist hasn't mentioned a thing.) He then examined my hands and his tune started to change. Apparently there are some signs that something is developing, and he then tells me that sometimes, blood work preceeds the disease. He ordered xrays of my hands, new blood work, upped my anti-inflammatory, and wants to see me back in 3 months. My thing is, "Why?" if he already told me it wasn't RA (but that he wasn't sure what it was.) I'm really feeling bummed. I'm no closer to figuring out what is going on in my body than I was before.

Someone, please give me some thoughts. Anything here has got to be better than what I just paid to be told.

karento responded:
Hi so sorry for your troubles first thing find another doctor. My doctor is wonderful she is caring and always has a word of encourgment for me. There are some good doctors out there. Once you find a good doctor and beging treatment then you will get to feeling better. I wish you luck. Karen

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