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    Ra causing deafness?
    3collies posted:
    I was rx'ed with Ra about 2 years ago. Almost all of my joints are affected. I started having some ringing in my ears and hearing loss which has gotten progressively worse. The ENT specialist said that the ear drum is made up of 3 small bones (joints) and perhaps the RA has affected my ear drums. Has anyone else experienced any ringing or hearing loss?
    DIYSTER responded:
    Oh, absolutely! I've had immense ringing since my RA went aggressive. And I do get pains in those tiny joints, have for several years. Your ENT is right on the money. The other odd thing is that I am even more sensitive to loud noises or sharp sounds than ever before. Also very sensitive to bright light which has also increased in intensity over the years. Sense of touch and smell also much more sensitive. All of my joints have been affected as well so it sounds like we both share a pretty aggressive form of RA. Best of luck to you!
    allie_bf responded:
    Some autoimmune diseases (e.g. Sjogrens) are associated with sensorineural hearing loss. Have you had your hearing formally tested by an audiologist? You may want to do this in order to see just how bad your hearing loss is (I was surprised to find out that mine was even worse than I suspected,) and to see what type it is. Sometimes the damage can be partially reversible with aggressive treatment; other times all you can do is keep it from getting worse, but that's important, too. Ask your rheumatologist about your problem though, he/she is probably more up to date with it than your ENT specialist.
    dogsandbooks responded:
    Ringing in the ears with hearing loss was caused by meds in my case, and years ago a woman I knew had to give up taking aspirin because of this. I've had both ear drums replaced due to another problem, but didn't know they had "joints." Interesting.
    fibersgalore replied to dogsandbooks's response:
    I've had RA for over 45 years & also have Reynaud's, Sjogren's, & a few others. RA seems to affect everything. I've had occasional pain in the small bones of one ear along with the glands near the ear. Heat often relieves it. You might try using Grabbers/Hot Hands packets or warm water right in your ear. Both help me. Re aspirin, after taking 20 daily for 10 years, I lost my hearing. Advised that the loss was irreversible, I bought hearing aids, only to discover happily that it did reverse, & I had full hearing again after about 6 mos. Costly but happy lesson. Hope this helps. Best.
    searcher1957 responded:
    My wife Kindrid hasn't had ringing in the ears. However she is 100% deaf in one ear and 75% in the other. She has had RA since 1991 and has had many major surgeries including her right foot fused due to losing her foot pad because of RA. She lives with pain every day and I am so proud of her. She is a Superwoman

    JanieClarb responded:
    I had no idea that ringing in my ears could be to do with my RA. I've had RA for 4 years. Ringing has just been noticable over past year - has anyone had any treatment for this?
    An_215846 responded:
    I have not been diagnosed with RA but I am pretty sure I have it. I do experienced hearing loss and ringing. I saw a doctor show and the doc said when you get the ringing think about something other than what you were thinking when it started. He said "I bet you it will go away". I think of my grand baby. It really works. Try it write back and let me know if it works for you. PS he did not say why it works.
    realestdeb responded:
    I have also experienced the Constant Ringing in the ears. Yes, both of them. I was talking to someone who took pain medicine beside RA medicine and they say that the pain medicine is the cause of that. I don't know what to think, except that I have consistant pain in my joints semetrically especially my thumbs (hands) and my ears do ring!! I have not experienced hearing loss that I know of. I hope you are doing well!
    realestdeb replied to searcher1957's response:
    That is wonderful. What a brave woman! I never considered myself a wimpy person till RA hit my life. After getting divorced 8 yrs ago everything seemed to fall apart. I am 55 now & was diagnosed with RA 1 year ago. My feet & hands are the worse. I worry about years ahead. I want to run and play with my grandkids to come as well as having been able to do so with the 2 I have now! Darn Old Age! We just keep on pushin on!!! Thanks for sharing~Hooray for Kindrid the brave one! I work with people with disabilities. People who have developed one or born with one (like my twin brothers) seem to be braver than some of us where a disability creeps up us. Take care and hooray for being a solid man standing by your wife!!
    realestdeb replied to An_215846's response:
    I agree with thinking about something else. I never notice the ringing till it is late at night and quiet in the house. Then I think back during the day and don't remember the ringing. I however, think my hearing is keener to some degree because I hear industrial lights buzzing here & there and they annoy me. At work I discovered a drip in the ceiling above me because of the sound and there was a leak in the roof that had been repaired & it was still drying. Odd ringing yet hearing small noises??

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