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What safe meds to take for a cold when you have RA
3collies posted:
This morning I woke up with a terrible sore throat and very congested. I am on Orencia, prednisone, Lefutimide and NSAIDS. I also take lots of vitamins. So what do I take for my cold symptoms? I also take anti depressants and most over the counter drugs say don't take if you are taking anti depressants. Halls throat lozenges have a warning not to take if you have a sytemic disease. Is RA sytemic? I have had some really horrifying reactions to drugs as I progressed through finding the right combo so I'm more than a little bit nervous about trying new drugs.
I'm due to have my infusion on Friday and hope I can feel better by then. Any suggestions?
DIYSTER responded:
You may want to call your Rheumatologist and let them know your situation. They may recommend deferring your infusion until you are well. And they may suggest something for your cold symptoms. And, yes, I believe you would refer to RA as a systemic disorder. Be careful about what you take until talking with your doctor. I hope you are feeling better soon!
kdecunzo responded:
I agree, talk to your Rheumy. I am on Hydroxychloroquine, MTX, Savella, Premarin, folic acid, Mobic, potassium and magnesium. I had a nasty head cold and called my Rheumy and she said I could take any OTC cold med and skip my MTX this week until I felt better. I opted for Childrens Benedryl-D. It did the trick. I'm not keen on cold medicines since they don't really work for me. Benedryl-D dried up my sinuses, calmed my itchy eyes and throat and stopped my sneezing and sore throat. Actually my kids pediatrician turned me on to using it instead of cold meds for them when the OTC cold remedy rumors started last year. I hope your Rheumy helps soon and you feel better. Take care.

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