Newly Diagnosed...overwhelmed
Bethie429 posted:
I was just diagnosed with RA but have had it since I was a young child.. I saw several Rheumatologists as a kid but since my joints looked ok no one tested for RA. Until now when I'm 25 and its finally visible. The pain has been getting worse and I am beyond exhausted all the time. I tried a sulfa treatment and it ended me in the hospital with a bad reaction. I have to talk with me doc tomorrow about our next treatment option. Everyone in my life tells me to suck it up. And it makes everything difficult. i just feel alone and unsupported.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Bethie429,

I'm sorry to hear it took so long for you to get a diagnosis. I would encourage you to print out some information for those around you about RA so they can understand some of what you're going through. This RA FAQ may be interesting to you.

Here are some resources that may help:

Coping with RA Fatigue and Weakness

RAtv (Find out all about RA and see stories of others)

Life with RA Guide

JRA (Juvenile RA)

I know we have other members here who were diagnosed young, as well as many who stuggle getting those around them to understand the full implications of having RA. I hope some of them will share their stories with you, too.

Best wishes,

LCover responded:
Hi Bethie429,

I saw your post and wanted to let you know that I am sorry you feel alone and unsupported. It is overwhelming in trying to deal with this and it's hard to talk to others that don't relate. Just know that there are others who feel the same way and can understand how you feel. Hopefully you can find some support through these discussion forums.

If you need someone to talk to, I would be happy to chat.

Take care!