bbbrothers posted:

I have RA and have been on treatment since I was 28. I'm now 65 and I'm having severe flare-up. I was going to a Specialist and had taken many treatments and was on Enbrel for about 4 years. It is a fantastic drug, however I developed leaky heart valves and the doctor took me off of Enbrel immediate. Since that time, she would no longer work with me to find another medicine that would help.

I was then helped by my doctor who got a release from the doctor to be on Celebrex which was helping me cope. Now Medicare will not pay for Celebrex and no over the counter drug will work. What do you suggest?
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xperky responded:
Your doctor may be able to give you lots of Celebrex samples. Mine did when I first tried it. My insurance wouldn't cover it either and it gave me some side effects anyway.

My first rx NSAID was meloxicam, which worked for a year. Currently I get some relief with diclofenac.

Does your heart condition allow you to try a new NSAID? You can find a list of prescription NSAID's online and read about each drug individually to get an idea of which you might like to try. You might also find a list of covered ones at Medicare.gov.

Some of the older generics are on the $4 list at WalMart and other pharmacies. You can pick up that list and ask the pharmacists. A good pharmacist can offer great advice.

So sorry the Enbrel caused heart problems for you. These RA drugs are pretty rough in many ways.