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Immune Boosting Foods
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:

Hello RAers!

I thought I would share this slideshow of Immune-Boosting Foods , since I know many of you are working hard to improve your immune system.

I saw a lot of surprises on the list. I think Sweet Potato (perfect for this time of year), and Watermelon were the two biggest for me.

Which foods surprised you? Are you going to try some of these out?

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RAtimes2 responded:
You should NOT be trying to boost your immune system!

Since RA is an immune system disease, your meds (usually methotrexate) are designed to LOWER your immune system so it does not attack as hard!

Raising your immune system will make it attack harder!
sherrie60 replied to RAtimes2's response:
RAtimes2...that's what I thought, too! Why would we want to boost out immune systems when that is the problem in the first place? RA is an autoimmune disease.


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