pjrdlg posted:
I am new to the site. I am on Methotrexate, folic acid. I am grateful that I am retired but I substitute teach. It has been frustrating going through the hair loss and sometimes I swear the meds aren't working. I also have fibro. I have found that exercise is the best. Especially in moderation. Swimming in warm water is the best. A lot of activities that I like to do I have had to cut back on. I used to be so very active. My newest observation is that my legs are looking like they are full of cellulite. I am enbarressed to wear anyting that exposes my legs. I am slowly accepting the condition and try to stay focused on things that bring me joy. I just wonder what is going on that my whole body seems to be changing. Not a pretty site in the mirror anymore. Thank goodness for clothes!!
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