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Fatigue tip #5 ways to improve sleep
Scott Zashin, MD posted:
Some general sleep hygeine rules

1.No caffeine after 2 PM,
2. don't exercise too close to bed time,
3. allow a period of time to unwind before bed.,
4. don't clock watch.
5. if unable to leep for 15 minutes, get up and read, watch TV etc and return to bed when drowsy
6. and most important, get the pets out of the bed!
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singingbear responded:
Dr, Zashin, do you have any suggestions for those of us that work overnight shifts five days a week? I find it hard to balance working overnight with getting necessary chores and errands done when traditional businesses are open. Between my schedule and poor sleep quality (still working on finding the right medications and dosage) I feel as though I never get enough sleep. My first choice would be a new work schedule but that is not a financial option at this time. Thank you for sharing your tips.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to singingbear's response:
Hi Singingbear,

While you're waiting for a response from Dr. Zashin here, you also may want to start a new discussion on this on our Sleep Disorders community to get more feedback.
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Scott Zashin, MD replied to singingbear's response:
thank you singingbear. Please see todays tip!

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