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Trying natural pain remedy for RA
Elmeayuda posted:
Hi, I myself was diagnosed with RA.. Even though it was really hard for me both emotionally and physically I tried different options with the help of my kind husband who is by my side. First is drinking lots of water which I have to keep up ( 8+ cups a day is the goal) my husband also believes that I really need this also because I'm taking methotrexate. Second, a Gluten Free diet seems very helpful for the inflammation when I'm consistent. Another thing I have tried for the inflammation is natural remedies like ground flax (2 tblsp, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon) and a fruit oil(Sea Buckthorn fruit oil), it's a strange name but a really helpful oil; I take 1 tsp daily. I read that this oil is known more in Asia and Europe and used as treatment for RA and that it can aid the body in fixing the cells that get damage (specifically by the inflammation in RA patients). Sea Buckthorn is thought to have the added bonus of helping to reduce/manage inflammation.

Also taking natural food that is rich in calcium (e.g. Quinoa, almonds , soya) while trying to stay clear of dairy which is another food source thought to trigger inflammation.

I hope these tips can help you, they have been helping me even though the doctors told me that I can eat anything I want because that is not an issue for my inflammation and that natural medicine/remedies (i.e. diet) won't really help. But in the process of all this I still had trust and hope in the best doctor of all that I know and with the natural remedies (that he made himself) he is helping me very much.

After all this disease has been helping me with more discipline in my diet (in eating better overall) and also learning more about natural remedies and having more compassion for others.. As with any/all natural remedies (dietary changes) it will take time to see the benefits; give it at least a month or two before expecting to see noticeable results.

I hope this can help you or someone you care about.
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