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Chang Shan
debiknows posted:
I have been talking Chang Shan for about two weeks and it has made a huge difference in my RA, I have severe infections and are unable to take the meds for lowering my immune system.
I can without a doubt say this has so improved my well being and have over all relieved some of my major joint pains..and I have not been having that tired and worn out feeling.
you can buy it from here.
Herbs Direct USA Inc
4961 Santa Anita Ave Ste #1
Temple City Ca 91780
TEL # 626-415-7375
its $21.55 plus 4.99 for shipping.
also, this company sells through Amazon, so if you can't buy it with the above address, just go though Amazon,
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dalxjs responded:
Hi. i'm delighted for you. My mother's life was ravaged by RA. My wife has advanced multiple sclerosis, and we started using chang shan a month ago. We got the root from China, and she takes it as an infusion. Too early to say if it's helping. Can you provide some information on what you use and how you use it, dosage, how often,etc.?
Many thanks

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