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Probably not a cure, but big help
rymack17 posted:
My name is Bill, I'm 55 yrs old, healthy, fit, and working, and was diagnosed with raging RA 3 year ago, (ccp was 265)
I will try to be brief and hope someone can tell me if anyone is having had sucess like I am currently having with vitamin C.

I have suffered with it in my feet for 3 years with no remission, RA
doctor has wanted me on methtorexate (I'm on sulphazalazine) I chose to tough it out and also not take pregnizone, even have had her give me shots in the pads of my feet and between my toes about a year ago. Many days I come down the stairs in the morning on my butt, stair by stair because I cant risk falling. 3 weeks ago I started taking 1000mg daily of vitamin C because I was trying to prevent colds and flu, 21/2 weeks ago I got excited because I noticed I got up in the morning and was walking good, that has now lasted till today and I think I could go dancing with the wife, obviously my mood is fantastic.

Question, am I crazy to think it's the vitamin C?

Thank you for any response
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somethingalwayswrong responded:
Zeal Wellness has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! It is changing my life, I wont sit here and sound like an infomercial so ill let you check it out yourself
click products watch the video
then click science of zeal -itll tell you whats in it and if you aren't aware of them-do your research.

Don't take my word for it-look it up-look up testimonies..this is helping me and I AM NOT on prescription meds.. Feel Better!

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