Sauve Keratin Shampoo and question
grubycrystal posted:
I am about to start methotrexate so I read all the posts and decided to look up Sauve Keratin Shampoo on the internet so I could buy it. What I found was something really shocking. A class action suit against the manufacturer as the users allege formaldehyde derived products in the shampoo caused people to lose their hair or get scalp burns! So beware.
Thanks to everyone for their postings on biotin and folic acid etc. I will be increasing the amounts I take in expectation of starting methotrexate. Does anyone know if taking methotrexate by injection makes the alopecia worse?
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erikarandf1 responded:
Don't do it! Take Arava instead. I took methotrexate for years And all my hair fell out! I've been off of it for about 4 years now And have to wear extensions because it won't grow back. I take tons of biotin and prenatals and folic acid for Hair regrowth and nothing. And I am only 24. Try a gluten Free diet! Makes a huge difference I don't even take Meds anymore!! It's worth a shot.
ca_lynn responded:
Not sure but I don't believe either is better for alopecia.